Brahmata / Our baker extraordinaire and beloved comedian

Brahmata hails from “Cowtown” Calgary, Alberta, where vegetarianism is not a popular choice; but inspired by her love of animals and nature, she adopted the lifestyle in her early teens. She has now been baking and serving at Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise for a decade and is thrilled to be surrounded by like-minded coworkers and customers on a daily basis. In her free time she can be found cycling around town, singing and playing her guitar or ukulele, offering free mediation courses, swimming in the nearest body of water, writing nonsense in her journal or attempting to be athletic. Brahmata sadly knows the lyrics to almost all pop songs from the 90’s and often wonders if her memory could store more useful things instead. She enjoys travelling the world, watching sketch comedy, having “deep” conversations, eating vegan cupcakes and referring to herself in the third person.

Hladini / Customer service... always with a beautiful smile!

Hladini loves serving customers at the restaurant. In her earlier days, she worked as an editor and writer, meanwhile racking up at least a million miles in long-distance driving to meditate with Sri Chinmoy. Her favourite activities are reading, watching Korean dramas, hanging out with family and friends, and running along the shore of Lake Ontario near her home in Kingston, where she was a server at Lotus-Heart-Blossoms vegetarian restaurant. But what gives her the most joy is teaching meditation to seekers and watching how it transforms their lives.

Pushparani / Maker of the worlds best spicy chai!

One of the main things Pushparani loves outside the restaurant is singing and playing her tabla (an Indian set of two drums, played with the fingers) with the group Sangit Surabhi.  She spends a lot of time practicing, to the delight of her neighbours!  She gives regular meditation classes to the public and finds she always receives more than she offers in the process. She is a marathon runner and is having a lot of fun trying other sports as well, such as cycling. She gains lots of inspiration from her athletic friends!  She is a speedy walker and recently won the 12-hour Self Transcendence walk held in New York, completing over 50 miles. Pushparani feels that life is for constant self-improvement and tries to find opportunities to fulfil this task daily. Pushparani has been a vegetarian for 20 years, believing that each and every creature has the right to life and respect. Her most endearing childhood pets were her chihuahua named Chico and her cat named Tinkerbell. Pushparani is glad to have a job at the restaurant that is in line with her ideals in life. 

Prapti / Owner and 'Jane' of all trades.

Sometimes a perfect angel, always an aspiring athlete and the owner of Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise Vegetarian Restaurant, Prapti Jensen is a choir singing wannabe, lover of big snowfalls and of ridicng her bicycle. Her love of working with people bloomed at a young age as an alpine ski instructor.

After Lake Louise and Kimberley Ski Resorts, Prapti moved to racing with the Canadian Cycling Team which lead her to new possibilities, inspiring ideas and remarkable people like Sri Chinmoy (her meditation teacher) who in turn surprisingly encouraged her open this vegetarian restaurant.

Prapti's memorable accomplishments include:  being a Nancy Green Ski League champ at age 7 and more recently being able to play an audable 'tirikita' on the tabla (indian drum). She can be found enjoying volunteer projects like the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Global Peace Run, organising trail running races or being with the rest of the amazing restaurant crew testing out delectable new treats.

Favourite Quote: "The fulness in life lies in dreaming and manifesting the impossible dream." ~ Sri Chinmoy